Financing consultancy

Company development requires substantial resources and the need becomes even greater during development. However, lack of funding or inappropriately selected funding is critical for many young companies. Once on the market, you will meet either a very rigid approach to start-ups or hungry predators who in search of great profit would dramatically limit the influence of the founders.

  • We will help you to analyze the real need of financing and its extent
  • We will help you choose the best financing alternatives and direct your negotiations with investors

Support by private equity capital

There are many enthusiasts on the market willing to invest in smart things. On the other hand, there is a number of interesting ideas which would greatly welcome means they could use on prototyping, market entry or expansion. Unfortunately, these two areas meet at the right time only in a very small percentage of these situations.

  • We use our established brand for acquiring venture capital
  • We guarantee go to market investors under the guidance of experienced professionals in the field
  • We clearly define metrics and revenue risks for private capital

Securing the EU and Government Funds for innovation support

Government and the European Union invest considerable amounts of money into the promotion of innovation and competitiveness. However, it is difficult to assess the potential of such innovations for these funds. Understanding all possible calls and subsidy schemes is very difficult for start-ups.