It is not enough to understand development from the technical point of view. You also need to understand business, current marketing, brand creation, international law, manufacturing processes, drafting of contracts, people and cash flow management, creation of distribution channels, sales margins and necessary safeguards. It is also very difficult to become a member of the group of established players who could help with demand acceleration. The result is very often an elusive product, improperly adjusted business model, slow onset of customers or a major risk that the idea is misused by a larger competitor.

  • We can help you with market research potential identification
  • Arrange for design thinking process
  • We will help you set up your business model
  • We will help you develop a real product from your idea
  • We will help you in building a business network based on our own experience and contacts

Comprehensive management

In companies, nothing goes as expected. Appropriate monitoring and management system will help identify a fleeing opportunity or critical situation. Most start-up companies are wrapped up in their prospective success and so they forget reality check. Most companies discover the fact that the situation is not developing as expected usually too late or they are not willing to admit it at all.

  • We can help you to manage your company better
  • We can help you to set monitoring of opportunities and their exploitation
  • We can help you to build critical values for survival
  • We will help you to set performance parameters for individual processes and people
  • We can help you to set and implement changes