Business execution

Distribution channels

For technically gifted people, business is usually a set of challenges and illogical events, thus it often gets postponed indefinitely. However, the ability to hit the market is often a critical moment for any innovation. An experienced sales team is currently very inaccessible and what is more, connecting their skills to the needs of society is a challenge even for experienced managers.

  • We will help you to define the optimal way to your customers
  • We will help you create optimal distribution channels for your solutions
  • We manage resources in direct distribution channels
  • We use our experience and personal ties to create indirect distribution channels

Strategic partnerships

World markets are already occupied by established players. Penetrating there “from the street” is almost impossible. For most technologies, therefore, using strategic alliances is the way to success.

  • We can help you to set correct model of partnership
  • We can arrange meetings with the right technology players
  • We will help you arrange partnerships to benefit your company and product development

Execution and Risk Management

The fact that you are optimistic enough, your goal is properly set, your financing is secure and your monitoring functional, does not necessarily mean that you will get to your final destination. Reality often forces you to change your direction dramatically or stop completely. At this moment, most start-ups hesitate too long or take suicidal actions.