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Even for global brands it has become extremely challenging to reach market and gain customers’ attention. The situation is even more difficult for emerging projects even if they own their unique solution but have no experience entering established markets. Therefore, many promising companies which have found a solution to a key demand but did not have the opportunity to reach a wider range of prospective customers are forced to leave the market. The demands to speed up the introduction of a product on the market continue to rise and there are more and more players in every industry who are already offering or very shortly will be offering a comparable quality and level of innovation. Another obstacle is that business development entails the need for financing and the rigid approach of financial institutions does not help new players much.

The Czech Republic is full of promising startup companies with high level of innovative technological potential and development. Our agency has decided to focus on supporting such innovations which urgently need accelerating and which need their ability to reach the market enhanced as well. In comparison with venture capital players, our goal is mainly to leave the company in the hands of the founders, to promote the development of innovation and alleviate problems associated with obtaining partners and financing development.

We are a group of experienced professionals with extensive experience in brand building, product management and business. We have venture capital ready to support big ideas and enthusiastic people. The capital is composed from private sources and the promotion of innovation and state of the EU. We have been on the market since 2011 and we have significantly helped many organizations, which are focused mainly on export, to increase the success of trade potential exploitation.